Our extensive experience and strong business relations with maritime and administrative authorities facilitate and simplify the demanding procedures in this sector.

Often, one does not possess sufficient knowledge and the time required for an appropriate study of his/her case. Leaving all this in our hands you can enjoy a carefree and relaxed time on your boat.


  • Yacht Acquisition. Drafting and Checking the Purchase and Sale Contract or Agreement.
  • Property Changes.
  • Registration. Open or Down registries. Foreign Ships.
  • Changes of Name, Flag or List.
  • Nautical Insurance for yachts or jet skis and their transport.
  • Assistance of Civil Liability.
  • Management of Marine Average. Surveyor nomination, preloading transport, Experts and/or Commissioners.
  • Management of Technical Inspection of Ships. ITB.
  • Legal and Administrative proceedings in order to obtain the necessary authorizations of moorings, piers and berth.
  • Licensees.
  • Consulting and Advice in Nautical Organization Event.